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Five Interesting Trade Show Exhibit Ideas


Five Interesting Trade Show Exhibit Ideas. This is your golden opportunity to sell your company and product to the world of actual buyers. You have an opportunity to “brand” your company and highlight the benefit of your product. 

It’s critical to promote your company’s best of everything. A cohesive display is a must, and it can be as simple as renting a package from a reputable trade show furniture rental company. 

1. Display with drama

Consider a glass or Plexiglass box with a motor to rotate your product. Dramatize the lighting as if your product is a movie star. If your product is small, display an abundance of them. If your product is large, find a three-dimensional object that represents a benefit and display it dramatically in the box. It’s a conversation-starter.

2. Go outside of the box

Think of what your competitor’s booth may look like, and go one-better. Better yet, if it’s appropriate to step completely out of the box, you’ll brand your company as one that’s forward-thinking, and that entices buyers. 

3. Short and loud

Find three to five words that represent the benefits of your service or product. Then display those words with “loud” graphics on your other panels. Focusing on benefits appeals to the customer, and works even when your competitors have the same benefits. 

4. Color, color, color

Most panels are gray, cream, black, and other neutral colors. Customize your back panels and cubes using any other color, or a bright “pop” of color. (Again, anything but neutral colors.) Doing whatever it takes to separate yourself from others is a good use of your money.

5. Be set for sales

Make sure you show up ready to sell. Set up “relaxed” furniture like couches, bar stools and round tables, pens – and let it be known you’re taking orders today. Most trade show furniture rentals have the pieces you’ll need, and most companies have packages for a sales-based setup. Here’s a tip: book early.

Be seen. There are thousands of designs for your trade show booth. This job is not for the faint of heart and you’ll need the best designer your budget allows. No matter the source, panels and accessories are very expensive, so make sure it’s done right the first time.

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