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Three Benefits of Renting Your Trade Show Furniture and Displays


As an industry professional who sets up an exhibit at relevant trade shows, you know that all of the materials, supplies and furnishings can add a level of complexity to your booth. Instead of buying and transporting your own display to trade shows, you can use convenientĀ Las Vegas trade show rentals. There are many advantages to renting what you need for each trade show instead of buying the furnishings and display systems.

Lower Operational Costs

The fees for renting trade show furniture are much less than what you would pay to buy the furnishings and display cases yourself. By renting what you need for your trade show display, you can maximize your marketing budget. Instead of having to buy a whole collection of everything that you might need for your trade show setup, you will pay only a small percent of that amount, allowing you the flexibility to use your marketing budget for other needs.

Access to New Furnishings

In most cases, the items that you have access to through a rental service will be new or nearly new. This means that your trade show exhibit will look fresh and new every time you set it up. You will not have to deal with the time or financial cost of maintaining the furniture to keep it looking good. You can also select different furnishings for each trade show event.


Renting trade show furniture adds convenience to your exhibit. In most cases, the rental service will deliver and set up the furniture and display systems for you. This helps to save your time so that you can network and spend more time with your customers. You will also be able to avoid the expense of hauling and storing your display and furniture. At the end of the trade show, you will simply pack up your supplies and decorations and not have to tear down the furniture.

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