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Tips for Saving Money on Trade Show Exhibits

Trade shows let bigger and smaller companies demonstrate the products they make, meet with potential investors and make big sales. When you can’t compete with the biggest names in your industry, you might skip the event altogether. Setting up at a trade show doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and you can learn how to save on everything you need.

Buy in Advance

When you set up a trade show in a major city like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City or Las Vegas, your expenses can skyrocket. Buying in advance is an easy way to save some money. Look for affordable promotional products that local companies in your home city can make for you, and buy decorations and basic supplies from local stores too. Many companies wait until the last minute to buy their supplies and wind up spending more money than they can afford.

Rent Equipment

While you can build your own booth at home or in your office, the cost of shipping that booth to the trade show is higher than you might think. Companies that specialize in Las Vegas trade show rentals let you save money on those booths. You can rent a larger or smaller booth that comes with a floor, tables, walls and even display spaces for less than it would cost to ship your homemade booth to the city. You can then use your own signage and decorations to make that booth stand out in the event space.

Reduce Your Costs

Reducing your costs can help you afford to attend trade shows in major cities across the country and make some big sales that will help your company grow. The best ways to save money when setting up at those events include bringing supplies and decorations from home and renting show booths in those cities.

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