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Your Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibit Is Over! What’s Next?

So your Las Vegas trade show exhibit is wrapping up, you’re packing up your booth and heading back home to get organized and follow-up with leads. Before you step foot off the show floor, however, there is at least one item you should add to your To-Do list!

What To Do

As an exhibitor, you’ll need to ensure that all of your invoices for the Las Vegas trade show exhibit have been taken care of. Typically, by the second day of the trade show, you will have gotten your invoices. They can easily be paid by stopping by Official General Contractor’s desk in the hall of the show.

How To Pay

To pay these invoices, you’ll need an active credit card on file. Unfortunately, if the invoices do not get paid, your trade show booth rental will be placed in storage and late fees will be added daily. Your contract with the trade show should include a detailed outline of fees and charges!

Head Back Home!

By completing your payment before the show ends, it also gives you a chance to review your invoices and dispute any incorrect amounts or charges before you return home! So you can enjoy a safe and peaceful trip knowing that your Las Vegas trade show exhibit has been wrapped up successfully!

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